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Fish Sampling with Active Methods

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To be held by the Biology Centre of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Institute of Hydrobiology. In cooperation with the European Inland Fisheries Advisory Commission (EIFAC) and Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism www.eeagrants.org


Active fish sampling may be more difficult to operate than passive methods but in optimal conditions tends to provide a better picture of species composition, population structure and abundance. Scientific use of active sampling gears is currently dynamically evolving and undoubtedly represents one of the main thrusts of current fisheries science. State-of-art of both direct fish capture and less destructive remote techniques of active fish sampling will be the subject of this meeting.

Special attention will be paid to technical developments, development of sampling strategies, current limitations, selectivity, efficiency and standardization of active sampling gear. All kinds of inter-calibration of results between different active and passive sampling techniques are welcome. The application of active fish sampling is no way limited by habitat, so contributions from lakes, rivers, streams, seas, transitional waters and simulated experimental conditions are welcome.



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Manuscript submission: 9 September 2010

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Coference secretary: Eva Hohausova, PhD, Katka Soukalova
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Institute of Hydrobiology
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e-mail: fsam2010@hbu.cas.cz

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